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Get a mobile app, branded to your restaurant, and position yourself in the place of most importance…your customers’ phone.

Visual Menu

Speak to your customers’ eyes and stomachs with a vivid and easy-to-navigate menu. Customers will love seeing all the beautifully displayed options. They can easily customize their order, increasing accuracy. Do not worry, you can easily 86 a menu item or an ingredient with the click of button.

In App Upselling

When customers use your mobile app, they will experience more of your menu. They will see new products and add-ons they never noticed in store. You can easily increase the ticket value by taking advantage of multiple opportunities to suggest additions.

Ever Expanding Features

Our list of features continues to grow to increase the customer experience and your profits.


Push Notifications

Send time-based and location-based notifications to city-specific and even weather-specific promotions.

Coupons & Promos

Coupons are an easy and effective way to keep customers coming through your doors.

Loyalty Rewards

Increase repeat business by implementing or enhancing your loyalty rewards program to engage with customers.

Data & Analytics

Information from your app will help you manage your restaurant inventory, avoid food waste, and decide which menu items to promote.

Virtual Gift Card

Customers tend to either spend more or less money than the dollar amount on their gift card. If their bill comes to more than what is on the card during their visit, they will pay out of pocket to cover what remains. If they spend less than what is on the card, they are more than likely to return to ensure they don’t waste the remaining balance. Both situations mean more revenue for your business.

Store Finder

Multiple locations? No problem. Using GPS technology, customers can find and place a mobile order at the location most convenient for them. By clicking on your address, they can also easily receive guided directions from their phone’s navigational service.

Integrated Delivery

In partnership with Postmates, access over 350,000 delivery personnel to provide or expand delivery services to your customers. Now you can offer delivery services without sending your customers to expensive third party apps that display all your closest competition.

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